My name is Maira!

I have a master of arts in I/O Psychology and Human Resources, as well as a master of business administration (MBA) from Appalachian State University. I am currently a doctoral student studying Management (OB/HR) at the University of Arkansas. I have published in premier academic journals and written several book chapters. My work has received popular press attention from outlets such as CNN. In practice, I have consulted with Fortune 500 and multinational organizations. My areas of expertise include analytics, diversity, workplace relationships, and safety.

I am interested in collaborating on future research projects or consulting opportunities around neurodiversity, gender, manager/employee relationships, employee conflict/incivility, and human/tech interactions.


My Interests and Hobbies


I am an avid reader. I read an average of 165 for-fun novels per year - though I've definitely been reading less this year as I focus on my dissertation! I predominantly read Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Horror. Stephen King and Brandon Sanderson are two of my favorite authors.


I love to unplug by hiking. The longer the trail the better! My longest trip to date was the John Muir Trail in the Californian Sierra Nevada mountains, which took me 20 days. I have my eye set on the Wind River High Route next!


In my spare time, I try to get creative! For some of my favorite projects, I have upscaled thrifted furniture by painting designs and flowers on it, painted watercolor portraits of friends, and followed along with Bob Ross to paint oil landscapes!

Please contact me! I look forward to hearing from you.